“Build your confidence and skills to shape your future.”

Future skills aim to help Scotland’s youth develop the work and personal skills required for employment.
Our main objectives:
  • Helping Scottish organisations become aware of the benefit of growing youth skills for the benefit of both organisation and Scotland’s youth.
  • Preparing young people for the workplace by equipping them with personal and work skills.
  • Offering a place for people to voice their opinions on the future of young people’s skills

Recent News, Articles & Advice 
Interview Skills
You have just received an email confirming an interview for your dream job. Congratulations! Now, all you have to do is turn up and answer questions honestly and accurately. But is that all you do? Here we list certain skills that will boost your chances of landing that dream job!
First of all – Do your homework on the organisation. Now, it may be the case that the job is an ideal for your set of skills or that the structure of the business is right up your street. So there is no need to go into the history of detail of that particular company. But there is always that extra band of company knowledge that could impress. So highlighting any information you can on their mission, objectives, any value statements. Read more
How to gain beauty salon experience
Gaining experience within a beauty salon will give your career in beauty the kick start that it needs. Through practical experience you an gain an insight into the daily activities and customer service skills expected of you within the beauty industry.
With practical experience you will be more likely to gain a job within the salon you are currently gaining it from. However, if they have no vacancies for staff after your work experience is finished, it doesn’t end there for you. With the practical, hands on experience and skills you acquired, you will be a good candidate for another beauty salon.
Different types of beauty salon treatments: waxing, tinting, perming, spray tans, sun beds, massage, facials, reflexology, hopi ear candles, nails, electrolysis, laser hair removal, injectables, make-up etc. Read more
College Students Face Mental Health
A recent survey finds that 50 per cent of college students have recently faced a problem relating to their mental health. The study reported that less than half of these students are receiving treatment or help for these concerns. Results that emphasise why attention to mental health should be viewed as an essential part of academic success plans, particularly at the college level. The open nature of colleges may be one reason for the high incidence of mental health concerns, according to this study it was also observed that the general age group for college students is where a lot of conditions come to light. “The commencement of 50 per cent of chronic cases of mental illness occur by age 14 and 75 per cent by age 24.” The stresses, mentally and physically, of progression to adulthood often push young adults into suffering these deep-rooted conditions. Reports have indicated increasing anxiety and depression in colleges with overwhelming counselling and rehab centres. Read more